Help the national targeted poverty alleviation 'corneal transplant journey to the west'into ningxia

- Oct 12, 2018-

In order to respond positively to the national strategic thought of "targeted poverty alleviation" and further implement the strategic plan of the party central committee and the state council on poverty alleviation. On July 21, the public welfare project of "corneal transplant - ningxia station" jointly launched by yinchuan municipal health and family planning commission, yinchuan municipal civil affairs bureau, yinchuan municipal poverty alleviation and development office, yinchuan disabled persons federation, yinchuan Red Cross and other departments was officially launched in yinchuan, capital of ningxia. This activity, as a benefit project and special project of health poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation in ningxia region this year, will entrust aier ophthalmology as a specific medical implementation unit.

As the fourth stop of the event, the "corneal transplant westbound station - ningxia station" will provide medical assistance to 100 corneal blindness patients from all regions of ningxia in the next year to help them see again. Previously, more than 60 people with corneal blindness from xinjiang, gansu and shaanxi have been brought back to light by experts from the "western journey of corneal transplantation" project.