High Quality Digital Printing Fabric

- Jan 18, 2018-

Digital printing uses digital technology. Digital printing technology is a new high-tech product which is gradually formed with the development of machinery and computer technology. The appearance and constant improvement of digital printing has brought a new concept for textile dyeing and printing industry. The advanced principle and means has brought an unprecedented development opportunity for fabric printing industry.


Digital printing can be divided into digital direct printing and digital thermal transfer printing. Digital direct printing means using a digital printer to print out the patterns you need directly on various materials. Digital thermal transfer printing needs to print designs on specialty paper first, and then print the designs on various materials, such as T-shirt, underwear, sportswear and other clothing by thermal transfer printing.

It is very rapid to make a proof by using digital printing. The fast response of digital printing machine can enhance the response speed of the order, improve the proofing speed and make the enterprise win in many competitions. The use of digital printing machine can replace a lot of original work on traditional machine and it helps to greatly reduce the cost. Digital printing fabrics have a good effect. Traditional printing does not achieve such effect. Therefore, customers speak high of digital printing fabrics.