History of the Small Mirror

- Dec 23, 2017-

Mirror in the Egyptian civilization has become people daily grooming supplies, the relic is late old kingdom and middle kingdom (the first transition of typical products),metal mirror could be bronze or copper, mirror for the wooden handle papyrus stalk shaped. The mirror metal was highly polished, and the nobles' mirrors sometimes used gold or silver.

In modern life, the mirror has become our indispensable daily necessities. There are many kinds of materials: glass, copper, silver, aluminum, plastic, etc. Especially for the modern woman, the mirror is also a kind of adornment that makes the finishing point.

Small cosmetic mirror is given priority to with magnifying mirror glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and other materials do the borders, such as engraving, printing, enchase craft for decoration, such as lifting, fold for support, formation of breed of design and color is numerous, the mirror of the modern women's most popular series. Is given priority to with flat glass mirror, decoration class a little mirror material such as wood, plastics, glass frame, such as sculpture, line, silk screen, paste the mirror process for decoration, is the strongest, mirror series in artistic adornment is given priority to.

small mirror.jpg