How can I pick a good umbrella?

- Aug 07, 2017-

The weather is getting hot, the sun goes out when the sunscreen has been essential, much pro-Lai, then the choice of sun umbrella when we should pay attention to what? How can we choose a good anti-UV umbrella it?

The first point: we look at its appearance, in addition to the usual to see the printing, lattice, monochrome color patterns, the UV umbrella is now out of a variety of styles and patterns, and a cartoon pattern, pink color series is very Fashion sense of the design.

The test on the study, the color depth of the umbrella will not affect the anti-ultraviolet sun function, the color of the umbrella effect on the sun effect is not great, light umbrella and color deep umbrella In fact, UV B through Rate and other indicators are almost the same.

The second point: election sun umbrella umbrella, anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella is generally divided into two kinds, a shiny, a dull. The market to the majority of glossy umbrella, because it is particularly beautiful and lively; matte umbrella production method is relatively more complex, and the price is also expensive, does not seem to publicity, giving the implicit and stable image.

The third point: pick sun umbrella umbrella, common umbrella and straight umbrella umbrella with umbrella, which umbrella and three to umbrella-based, but there are four umbrella UV protection umbrella, five umbrella, to carry more convenient , But the cost of the umbrella in the price of the most expensive umbrella, so buy umbrella when the attention of the selection of umbrella.

The fourth point: Tu silver plastic anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella. Coated with silver glue UV sun umbrella used in a period of time, due to wind and sun, silver plastic is likely to be part of the peeling off, especially with the various parts of the contact between the ribs more obvious.

Silver glue coating if it is painted on the outside, it will cause mottled phenomenon, it is beautiful, so in the selection of time, may wish to pick silver glue painted umbrella inside the umbrella, so very easy to peel off, it will not affect Umbrella beautiful, but also in the rainy day can be painted on the umbrella layer of wax, so you can make the umbrella dripping out of the more block Oh!