How expensive is it to wear a pair of glasses in the United States

- Jan 27, 2019-

I always think that it is a good price to wear glasses in the United States, so I will prepare a pair of glasses before going abroad. Before coming to New York, I used a pair of sunglasses with degrees in Beijing’s glasses city. The price is not expensive. 300 Yuan, you can get dizzy when you wear it, so you have to have a new one in New York.


New York has a chain optical store (Cohen optical) optometry is relatively cheap, ordinary glasses optometry promotion period is 20 dollars, the usual price is about 35 dollars, contact lens optometry is about 99 dollars, and send two boxes of half-moon throwing contact lenses. The price of optometry in other stores is more expensive, about 50,000 optometry for general glasses and about $85 for contact lenses. The doctor's optometry prescription is valid for one year. With glasses in the United States, this optometry price is much more expensive than domestic. Listen to other friends, before you come to the United States, you can bring your optometry list in China. If you need glasses, you can save this optometry fee, but I have not tried it. I don't know if this optometry prescription is easy to use. In the United States, optometry is similar to domestic procedures, basically instrument optometry.


The price of the glasses frame in the Cohen optical store is not cheap. After the lens, the general price is between 300 and 400 dollars. Although there are promotional activities and a pair of free glasses, the free glasses are really poor. I can't wear it when I get it. After I said that I had to wear glasses, the waiter was very enthusiastic. I chose one of the glasses frames one after another. I didn’t choose a glass that was suitable for the price and I liked it. I decided to give up; I hope I can pay the prescription first. Then consider whether to wear glasses. The waiter disappeared for a few minutes, and then a man in charge of the person in charge came to pick up the frame for me. After trying hard to try two pairs, I told him once again that I had to pay the prescription first. He took me to the checkout counter without saying a word, wrote a prescription, signed a doctor, then silently collected the money, handed it to me, and left. After more than half an hour of work before and after the optician, I experienced two days of ice and fire. This New York optical shop service attitude is really a problem.


Changed to another optical shop, a large supermarket (COSTCO) optical shop, the things in this store are cheap and practical. I went to another store to buy a pair of Dior glasses frames in advance, and I plan to change lenses in this store. The clerk saw Dior's frame saying that we can't change the lens of this brand in the store; you have to go to the store designated by their company to change. I said that I can change the ordinary lens, not Dior. The result is still not good, and the persistence that cannot be done cannot be done.


The price of a pair of ordinary myopia lenses is almost between one hundred and one hundred and fifty-five dollars. The price of frames varies from $300 to $400, and the average is tens of dollars. Plus the cost of optometry, the price of a pair of glasses is about 150-500 dollars or