How long should the glasses be worn?

- May 18, 2019-

In fact, you know everything, but most people wear glasses for a long time, unless they are damaged. Baite! ! ! The bad habit of not changing glasses for a long time will only make the eyes more myopic. How do we deal with this bad habit that most people feel irrelevant? ! Ophthalmology hospital experts recommend that because of the different materials of the wearer and glasses, the cycle of changing glasses is not absolutely fixed. Whether or not to change glasses should be based on changes in diopter and lens usage. In particular, the glasses replacement cycle for different age groups varies from body to body.

Preschool children have refractive problems, often more presbyopia, more than 200 degrees should consider wearing glasses; but if this age of children with myopia or astigmatism, mostly pathological myopia or eye dysplasia, regardless of the degree, It must be corrected by glasses. Children are young and their eyes change rapidly. Therefore, they should be reviewed once every six months to one year. If the degree changes more than 50 degrees, they should be replaced in time.

During the boyhood, the children of this group gradually developed and valued the “golden period” of learning. At this time, the wearers should be reviewed annually. If the vision changes, they should be replaced in time.

In the youth, the body of the crowd has gradually matured and the degree has stabilized. The glasses are generally reviewed once in 1 to 2 years, and the degree changes more than 50 degrees.

After the age of 30, some people will start to have eye fatigue or discomfort due to busy work. They need to have regular eye examinations and go to the regular glasses office when necessary. At this stage, the eyes and glasses need to be reviewed at least every 2 years, and the lens should be replaced according to the eyesight condition.

After 40 years old, myopia patients should check their vision once a year and consider changing glasses according to actual conditions. If you find that it is near difficulty, then the examination may be the old-fashioned eyes, you need to wear reading glasses, but the human eye is gradually changing, about 25 degrees every 2 years, more than 50 degrees every 5 years, so more Pay attention to the maintenance of glasses. If the lens feels uncomfortable when wearing it, you should go to the eye examination and re-fit the glasses as needed. After about 60 years old, the presbyopia has increased to the maximum, basically the degree of the flower is stable, and the glasses can be replaced after being damaged.