How often does the contact lens care solution change?

- Mar 16, 2020-

How often do contact lens care solutions change? The correct use of contact lenses includes not only wearing and removing, but also daily cleaning work. The correct use of contact lens care solution is also common knowledge that every step of the contact family must know.


This problem requires two cases:

Case 1: Contact lenses used frequently


Contact lenses are often worn, and the care solution needs to be changed once a day. The care solution immersed in contact lenses the previous day cannot be reused. Regardless of hygiene or germicidal effect, the used care solution is not qualified.


Case 2: Contact lenses that are not used often

Contact lenses are not used often, even for long periods of time, and the care solution at this time also needs to be changed frequently. Generally, it takes three days to replace, twice a week. Although the contact lenses are stored with fresh care solution after cleaning, the care solution also has a certain period of use. If it is not changed for a long time, the care solution will lose its original sterilization effect, and it will even breed a lot of bacteria to contaminate the lenses, thereby infecting the eyes. .


Fresh care solution can ensure its sterilization ability, so that the lens can completely remove the protein adhered to it, and as time goes by, the care solution will lose its original sterilization ability. The main components of the care solution are sodium chloride and preservatives. For the cleaning of biological materials, protein removal has a very effective disinfection and cleaning effect. The disinfection time is preferably not less than 4-5 hours. During this period, the care solution can complete the four functions of disinfection, cleaning, deproteinization, and moisturizing the lens. Make your lenses more comfortable to wear the next day, reducing the redness and discomfort caused by incomplete cleaning.


In addition to changing the care solution, you should also pay attention to the use cycle of the care solution. Generally, the care solution needs to be used up within three months after it is opened. If the three-month period has expired, there are still a lot of care solutions, and you cannot continue to use them at this time. Because the care solution has expired, the lens can no longer be sterilized and disinfected. Therefore, in daily life, we need to remember the date when the care solution was opened and calculate the frequency of use to avoid waste, and not to hurt the eyes in order not to waste.