How should frame myopia glasses be maintained?

- Mar 18, 2020-

For myopia friends, glasses can always be regarded as a close companion in life, so how should the frame eyes be maintained?


When removing or wearing glasses with one hand, the frame may deform the glasses due to uneven force, so be sure to use both hands when removing or wearing glasses. You should also frequently check whether the screws on the glasses frame are loose or deformed. If you find that the screws are loose, tighten them in time to prevent the lenses from falling off and breaking.


How to care for frame glasses:


1.Please use glasses case for maintaining frame glasses


When not wearing glasses, wrap them in a glasses case and put them in the glasses case. Please avoid contact with corrosive articles such as insect repellent, toilet products, cosmetics, hair spray, medicine, etc., otherwise it will cause lens, frame deterioration, deterioration and discoloration. Do not use it during intense exercise. The resin lens may be broken due to strong impact, which may cause eye and face damage. It is not recommended to use it during intense exercise. Do not use worn lenses, it is recommended not to use lenses that have scratches, stains, cracks, etc. Otherwise, it will be difficult to see things due to scattered light, which will cause vision loss.


2.Pick-up and maintenance of glasses


Please hold the temple with both hands and take it off parallel to both sides of the cheek. If you pick it off with one hand, it will damage the left-right balance of the frame and cause deformation. For temporary placement of the glasses, place the convex side of the glasses upwards. If you put the glasses with the convex side facing down, the lenses will be worn. Wash and dry the sweat and cosmetics. When the lens is attached with sweat, juice, hair spray (gel), cosmetics, etc., please wash and dry immediately. Failure to handle in a timely manner can cause peeling. If the lens gets wet, wipe it off immediately. If you let it dry naturally, the scale will become stained, it will be difficult to wipe clean and you can't see clearly.


3. Folding the frame to wipe the lens: Folding the frame should start from the left. Most frames are designed from the left temple, so if you fold the right temple first, it will easily cause deformation of the frame. The method of wiping the lens: use a clean special lens cleaning cloth. Be sure to hold the edge of the frame on the side of the mirror with your hand and gently wipe the lens. Avoid excessive damage to the frame or lens.


What to do if the lenses become dirty and degenerate?


When the lens is stained with ash or dirty things, it is easy to rub the lens with a dry wipe. It is recommended to rinse with water and then use a paper towel to absorb the moisture and wipe it with a special glasses cloth. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to wash with a low-concentration neutral lotion, and then rinse with water to dry. When the glasses are deformed, the deformation of the frames will cause a burden on the nose or ears, and the lenses will easily come loose. It is recommended to make regular adjustments to professional stores.