How to care for your sunglasses?

- Oct 29, 2019-

Any pair of sunglasses of yours is an important investment. Follow these simple care tips to get the best out of your sunglasses.


Always check your sunglasses to see if it has a wear mark. If there is a screw loose, go to the optician to tighten it, or buy a small precision screwdriver to do it yourself.

When you stand in front of the mirror, carefully check the baseline of the sunglasses. If they are not aligned, then go to your optician to adjust the frame. Always check your lenses for scratches, and some sunglasses have a one-year warranty on the scratches on the lenses. Ask the optician for details. If there is a continuous problem with the lens scratch, consider buying a pair of glass sunglasses because the glass is the most scratch-resistant lens material available.

2. Cleaning

Wash your sunglasses frequently as follows: first rinse with tap water that is not hot or cold, so that you can wash away any dust or sand that may cause scratches, squeeze a few drops of cleaning solution with your thumb and forefinger, and apply the cleaning solution gently. On the lens and frame, completely clean the stain on the frame and dry it with a clean, lint-free cloth towel.

3. Protection

When you don't wear sunglasses, put it in the glasses case. If you lose the glasses case, you can buy another one in the optical shop. Remember to always take your glasses with both hands. If your glasses case is not around, put the glasses in a flat, safe place.

4. Other care tips

Wash the sweat on the glasses as soon as possible, as sweat and skin oil can damage the lenses and frames. Don't put your sunglasses on the dashboard of the car dealer. On a hot sunny day, the intense heat from the car can damage the hardware on the lens and the frame.

Based on these care tips, your sunglasses will remain healthy for many years. But don't rely on just one pair of sunglasses. Different activities require different styles of glasses, and an extra pair of sunglasses will ensure that you have a backup in case you lose or damage your favorite glasses.