How to choose a high quality childrens umbrellas

- Jan 26, 2018-

There are some differences between children's umbrellas and ordinary adult umbrellas. The main body is umbrellas, but the tendency is different. Children's umbrellas usually have cartoon designs, which are more secure. For a high quality child umbrella, the following materials are mainly used:

1. selection of high toughness steel, silver umbrella rod is beautiful and not easy to rust, pour rod design experience smooth expansion feeling, let the children can easily open the umbrella;

2. button - free switch, push up direct open, down automatically down. It is specially designed for baby, without unnecessary operation to avoid any possibility of baby being injured by button.

3. parachute beads use high quality and large particles of new plastic, no longer worry that the baby will poke their eyes.

4. the weight of cute umbrellas is less than 300g, which is convenient for children to carry on for a long time, and it will not cause pressure to the body.

For the sake of the health of children, you should buy a child umbrella, not an ordinary umbrella, to reduce the probability of a risk. For the mass customization of content, personalized design customers can find Bluefeather fast customization.