How to choose coin purse and how to maintain?

- Sep 16, 2017-

summary Coin purse, I believe you won't feel strange about it.In our daily life, is everywhere, and is also often used in usual. So it is necessary to know about it.We should not only know about it on the surface , but also have concrete understanding.

1. The coin purse, which is functionally, is it only for the change?

The coin purse, which is functionally, was for the change before. However, with the development of the society, as well as the requirement of users is increasing, especially female consumers, at present, its function, not only this one, but also for  keys, coins, etc. These small items. Therefore, its function is expanding and extending.

2. The choice of zero wallet, should it pay attention to quality?

Apparently, the answer is not, because, when the choose and buy coin purse, in addition to pay attention to quality, an important aspect in which also considering the practicality, and whether to use convenient, etc. These aspects. Moreover, someone also pursue fashionable personality which can reflect oneself characteristic. Therefore, there should be a variety of comprehensive considerations, so that the appropriate products can be selected.

3. Coin Bags, could l it be made of silica gel? In addition, how to undertake maintenance work?

Coin purse, of course can be made of silicone. Moreover, the use of this material is beneficial, for example, it can be convenient to carry, and it can be diversified.

The maintenance of the zero wallet, in particular, is mainly for the following:

(1) Its storage should be kept in a dry, cool and ventilated generous, not to be exposed to the sun, as well as fire and contact chemical solvents. In addition, it cannot be hit by sharp objects to prevent damage or damage.

money bag.jpg

 cotton material coin purse

(2) Due to some parts of the zero wallet used glue.It is easy to melt when encountered water, so, when using zero wallet, try not to touch the water, especially on rainy days  should avoid to be affected with damp , etc..therefore, you need to pay special attention to it. In addition, should prevent metal fittings from oxidation and other problems.

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