How to choose Kids umbrellas for Children

- Dec 25, 2017-

As the children grew up, they began to have many of their first attempts. It's time to give your baby his/her first umbrella. Children like to hold their kids umbrellas and enjoy the excitement of holding their pretty umbrellas on rainy days. Don't look down on this small umbrella, there's a lot of attention to choosing a suitable rain parasol for your baby. Most of the umbrellas on the market can be opened to consumers, but most consumers don't know where to check. How to choose the best quality pretty umbrella among the many umbrellas in the store, and reduce the loss rate. Here are some tips for choosing the kids umbrella.

kids umbrellas.jpg

First of all, it is the umbrella fabric, to prevent the rain from protecting the child from getting wet, it is necessary that the material of the rain parasol is tight. The Blue Feather kid umbrella is made of EVA material, which can resist oxidation and is safe and non-toxic, let mother feel at ease. There are various animal patterns and fruit patterns, such as red pandas, orange ducklings, blue elephants and pink strawberries etc. Bright umbrellas and cute animal fruit make sure your baby loves them.
The second is the umbrella rib, which is inconspicuous, but it cannot be ignored.
Blue Feather folding umbrellas with stainless steel to create quality umbrella rib.
The eight umbrella rib is more strong, the mother didn't have to worry about rib rust, hidden dangers for the baby.

In addition, when choosing Kids umbrellas, it is best to choose bright colors, such as yellow. The yellow visibility is strong, which is very easy to attract the car driver's attention, so as to ensure the safety of children walking.

The theme of "green, environmental protection and comfortable" is emphasized by the Blue Feather children's umbrella. At the same time, it pays attention to the organic fusion of fashion trend and distinctive personality, and wins the favor of domestic and foreign consumers with novel design, lively color and fine workmanship.