How to disinfect mobile phones and glasses

- Mar 30, 2020-

The sudden outbreak has made many people pay more attention to personal hygiene, and sterilization and disinfection have become the focus of attention. In addition to home and office environments, items that are frequently contacted daily must be reasonably cleaned and disinfected. For office workers, the most commonly contacted It must be items such as mobile phones, laptops, keyboards, mice, and glasses. They are almost inseparable. How can they be properly cleaned and disinfected?

I believe many people will think of alcohol or disinfection spray. Although this method can effectively sterilize, it is more troublesome and easily affects the visual effects such as mobile phones, notebooks, and glasses. For example: after spraying alcohol or wet paper towel to wipe the lens and screen, it is easy to form water stains if you wait for air-drying, which affects the visual effect. However, using paper towel and lens cloth to dry in time will not only weaken the disinfection effect, but may also accidentally scratch. The lenses leave permanent scratches. Some people even said that rubbing the phone screen with alcohol would damage the oleophobic layer and cause irreversible results.
As for the commonly used keyboards and mice, although the surface is easy to clean, the dirt in the grooves and gaps is difficult to clean, especially the keyboard will have a lot of dust or debris. It is obvious that simple alcohol spraying cannot completely disinfect it. To achieve "deep" cleaning of belongings, we still need some professional and easy-to-use tools to help.
How to clean and disinfect mobile phones and glasses that are inseparable?
For eyeglass lenses and screens of digital devices, we recommend Zeiss clean disinfection wipes. Compared to ordinary wipes, it uses a professional cleaning and quick-drying formula. It has a strong disinfection and disinfection effect like alcohol (ethanol). , Stronger ability to dissolve oil stains. With a simple wipe, you can quickly remove fingerprints and oil stains on the surface of the phone, and it will dry almost after wiping, leaving no water stains, and no need to use paper towels, glasses cloth and other items for secondary cleaning.
For spectacle lenses, Zeiss cleaning and disinfecting wipes also have a strong cleaning ability. When disinfecting and cleaning, the lens coating is also taken into consideration. Not only the formulation of the targeted optical glass is optimized, but the surface coating is not damaged. Very delicate, will not scratch the lens or drop impurities.
It is more intimate that ZEISS wipes for disinfection and disinfection are packaged separately. They do not need to be used up as soon as possible after opening. It is also very convenient to carry them with you everyday. 3. Disinfect and clean the glasses at any time.
How can I clean and disinfect my belongings in depth?
For the glasses, in addition to the lens, the temples, shafts, and other locations will also hide dirt. If you want to achieve deep cleaning, obviously it can not be achieved by simple wiping. Faced with this demand, ultrasonic cleaning machines are a good choice , Not only can be used for glasses, but also can clean daily necessities such as jewelry, keys, which can be described as a multi-purpose machine.
The reason why an ultrasonic cleaner does not require a cleaning agent to achieve a cleaning effect is to use high-frequency vibrations to separate the air in the water, form tiny air bubbles, and expand and rupture under the effect of sound pressure, causing an impact on the surface of the object. Allows dust, oil, bacteria, etc. to peel off to achieve a very comprehensive cleaning effect.
However, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not a panacea. Some materials of precious jewelry and products without water resistance are not suitable for cleaning in this way. In addition, some coated glasses are not recommended to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine frequently. Risk of damage to the coating.
The occurrence of the epidemic has caused many people to pay attention to the problem of sterilization and disinfection. Regular cleaning and disinfection of personal belongings is essential. It is obviously important to use reasonable methods and methods. I hope the above content can give you some reference. In addition, it is not only during the epidemic period, it is important to maintain reasonable personal hygiene habits even after life gradually returns to normal. To stay away from bacteria and viruses, you must start with the details around you.