How to get shoes bag and to use it?

- Sep 14, 2017-

[summary] storage bag not only can put in clothes also can put in shoes, which has different specific names based on the usage, such as we call it as shoes bag when use it to storage shoes. So let us learn some knowledge about it, in this way, which can widen our scope of knowledge.

1.    Shoes bag, how to express it in English? Besides, whether it has finished product to buy?
According to your actual use requirements, shoes bag can be bought from online shop, from which has finished product and various types to choose. Besides, DIY by taking advantage of some ready-made materials is also available.

2.    Shoes, if we don’t wear it for a long time, whether it can put in shoes bag?
Shoes, if we don’t wear it for a long time, it is good to put in shoes bag. But before we put it in the shoes bag, we should do some basic maintenance work, such as cleaning, mould-proof processing, anti cracking and anti deformation etc. In addition, regarding cleaning work of shoes uppers and soles, we should treat it in different ways depending on different materials, thus we can extend the shoes service time.

shoe storage bags  .jpg

shoe storage bags

3.    Is it ok to put the clean-washed shoes in shoes bag immediately?  
Clean-washed shoes should be fully dry before we put it in shoes bag, which can avoid moulding. Anymore, if we put it in vacuum storage bag, we should withdraw the air and seal the pocket, in this way, the shoes can keep well for a few months.

The above problems are all related to shoes bag; however, it is a necessary knowledge for us to know and master, for which are very

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