How to improve the school can reduce myopia

- Sep 30, 2018-

Reduce students' academic burden. Teaching activities should be organized and arranged in strict accordance with the national curriculum plan and curriculum standards, and normal teaching should be conducted in strict accordance with the "zero starting point", with emphasis on improving the efficiency of classroom teaching. We will strengthen the overall management of the quantity, time and content of assignments by grade and subject groups. No written homework is allowed in primary 1 and 2, no more than 60 minutes for completion of written homework in grades 3 to 6, no more than 90 minutes for junior high school, and reasonable homework time should be arranged in senior high school. Boarding schools shorten students' evening study time. We should scientifically assign homework, improve the quality of homework design, encourage students to complete basic homework, strengthen practical work, and reduce mechanical and repetitive training.

Strengthening examination administration. Comprehensive promotion of the obligation of education schools to be exempt from the test of nearby enrollment full coverage. We will firmly control the number of school examinations in the education stage. No more than once a semester for primary 1 and 2, and no more than twice a semester for other grades. It is strictly forbidden to publish students' examination results and ranking in any form or form. It is strictly forbidden to use the prize certificate of each kind of competition, the result of discipline competition or the certificate of examination grade as the basis of enrollment. It is strictly forbidden to organize examinations to select students in various names.

Improve the visual environment. Improve the teaching facilities and conditions, encourage purchasing standard adjustable desks and chairs and sitting position orthotics, for students learning environment to meet the requirements of health with the eye, in strict accordance with the ordinary primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools construction standards, the implementation of the classroom, dormitory, library (room), lighting and lighting requirements, use good for eyesight health lighting equipment. We will speed up the elimination of the phenomenon of "large shifts". School classroom lighting hygiene standard compliance rate 100%. According to the perspective of students' seats, the lighting condition of classroom lighting and the changes of students' eyesight, adjust students' seats monthly, and personalize the height of students' desks and chairs every semester to adapt them to the changes of students' growth and development.

Stick to eye care measures such as eye exercise. Primary and middle schools should strictly organize all students to do eye exercise once every day in the afternoon, and seriously carry out the procedure of eye exercise. Before doing eye exercise, students should be reminded to keep their hands clean and healthy. Teachers should teach students to grasp the writing posture correctly, urge them to sit upright in reading and writing, supervise and correct students' poor reading and writing posture at any time, and remind students to comply with the requirements of "one foot, one punch and one inch". The teacher should know the students' eyesight when they can't see the blackboard clearly and often rub their eyes.

Strengthen outdoor exercise. We will strengthen physical education and extracurricular exercises to ensure that primary and secondary school students have at least one hour of physical activity per day at school. We will strictly implement the national curriculum standards for physical education and health, and ensure that primary 1 and primary schools have 4 class hours per week, 3 class hours per week for grades 3-6 and junior high schools, and 2 class hours per week for senior high schools. Primary and secondary schools have a 30-minute class break every day. According to the principles of combination of movement and movement and alternation of near and far, students should be organized and supervised to take outdoor activities or overlook at recess to prevent students from sustained fatigue. We will fully implement the sports homework system for students during summer and winter vacations, and supervise and inspect students' performance.

Strengthen school hygiene and health. Relying on health education courses, to teach students about the significance of protecting eyesight and methods, improve their initiative consciousness and the ability of protecting eyesight, closed-circuit television, radio, publicity column, actively use school pta, parents, schools and other forms of students and parents to carry out the science use eye eye health education, parents education through the schools and students radiation. Train and develop healthy education teachers and develop healthy education course resources. Support and encourage students to set up healthy education society and develop visual health peer education.