How to know the glasses frame logo? How long does it take for the new glasses to adapt?

- Nov 15, 2019-

The new pair of glasses, and the eyes have a one-week adaptation period, just like the new shoes and feet have a running-in period. In particular, the visual process of the eye is not only the physical function of the eye refraction, but also the psychological factors involved. A common example: some people's old glasses frames have been deformed, the heights of the two sides are different, and the corrected visual acuity is only 0.6. The newly equipped glasses correct the visual acuity of 1.0 and are comfortable to wear. But he always feels that the new glasses are not as comfortable as the old ones, especially those with large changes in temperament or astigmatism, and older people are more obvious. What is the reason for this?


Because people's acceptance of eyeglass correction is not only the physical factors of the degree and uncertainty of the lens, but also the participation of psychological factors. Eyes have become accustomed to unevenness and old glasses, accustomed to unclear images. Now, once it is corrected, it is clear, but the eyes always feel a little dizzy, a little swaying, but they will feel uncomfortable.


But as long as the optometry and processing are correct, after a week or more of adaptation, the psychological will slowly accept, you will appreciate the brightness brought by the new glasses. If you have been adjusting for more than 1 week, your child's eyes still feel uncomfortable. Go to the optical shop to check whether the optometry is correct, whether the lens degree and the axial position are processed correctly. If the gap is too large, you need to reconfigure.


Spectacle frames produced by regular factories have some marks on the side or nose brackets.


(1) Brand identity

The name is indicated by pinyin or English letters, and the imported frame also has the name of the place of origin. The “three no” products produced in small places have no brand identity.


(2) frame size identification

For example, labeled 48-17-135, 48 represents the frame size, 17 represents the size of the lens nose (nose pad), and 135 represents the length of the temple in millimeters. The role of these markers is to help the optician choose a frame that matches its pupil distance and face size. The salesperson of the regular optical shop will help the optician to make a choice.


(3) Material identification

For the pure titanium frame, marked "Ti-P TITAN", which means that the nose bracket, hinge and screw are all made of titanium; labeled "TL-C", indicating that part of the frame is made of titanium. If the salesperson tells you that it is a pure titanium frame, but there is no logo on the frame, it is mostly fake and low quality products, so be careful when buying.