How to pick a pair of qualified sunglasses!

- Jun 03, 2019-

Lead: In real life, many people only want to travel, drive, and bring sunglasses with them. This idea is wrong. The study found that nearly 30% of solar radiation will pass through the atmosphere, especially ultraviolet rays with wavelengths greater than 315 nm, which will cause the greatest damage to the eyes; therefore, good sunglasses can reduce light transmission, filter out more than 90% of visible light, and play a very good role on the eyes. Good protection. Next, teach you how to choose sunglasses, I hope to bring you some help.


1, brand and price


The price of sunglasses of different brands is definitely not the same, such as Ray-Ban, Tyrannosaurus, top-ranking characters, Baosheng, etc., the price is different, as the saying goes: "Buy good, don't buy expensive", small Second, we recommend that you buy glasses with high cost performance. Don't buy thousands or even tens of thousands of sunglasses because of your face. This is not worthwhile. Here, Xiao Er also has to remind everyone that some people are greedy for cheap, and buy some dozens of fake sunglasses. Although the price is cheap, the damage to the glasses is really accumulated, so don’t try to buy cheap brands. Sunglasses, quality can be guaranteed, no worries


2, color


Depending on the season, the color of the sunglasses you choose will vary. In summer, blue, green or brown lenses are generally used. In winter, the snow is strongly reflective. It is best to use yellow, brown or gray lenses. The stronger the light, the more appropriate the dark sunglasses. You can choose the one you need according to your seasonal needs. Lens color.


3, lens material and quality


The choice of lens materials should be based on age, occupation, frequently engaged activities, and preferences. Glass lenses are high in hardness and are not prone to scratches, but are easily broken. In order to reach the polarizing effect, it is good to filter out the reflection of the sunlight. It is best to choose a glass polarized lens. Resin lenses are light in weight and are not easily broken, but have low hardness and are prone to scratches. Because most children are playful and playful, it is often the case that broken eyes are broken. Therefore, it is best for children to choose resin tablets. There are also memory nylon lenses are also very good choice, ultra-light weight, super optical performance, 100% UV protection. The regular fine lens surface is smooth and free of ripples, flaws, bubbles, and wear marks. Everyone picked up the spectacle lens and placed it in the horizontal direction for warping. If it is found that the unevenness or the presence of traces, the lens of the bubble is not suitable for purchase.


4, face matching


Seeing what type of face you are and then choosing sunglasses, many people don't care about this problem. They think that as long as they like sunglasses, it is wrong. In fact, it is wrong to choose the sunglasses that suit your face, so that it looks good when worn. Also more comfortable. People who drive for a long time should pay more attention to this, or it is very easy to cause eye fatigue and discomfort.


5, frame


The choice of the second choice on the frame is to choose a lightweight frame type. Many people like the large frame glasses. They think that this is enough and has enough personality. This is not scientific. The glasses are heavy and will be worn for a long time. A sense of oppression and fatigue. Xiao Er suggested that it is best to choose frameless sunglasses, especially those who drive for a long time.




Children can wear sunglasses. Children's eyes are delicate and easily damaged by glare. In this sense, children need to wear sunglasses more, but it should be noted that children under 6 years old are not suitable for wearing sunglasses for a long time. Because their visual function development does not reach adult levels, wearing sunglasses for a long time may form amblyopia. Therefore, the correct method is to wear the child when the sun is strong, and remove it when the sun is weak.