HUAWEI EyeWear smart glasses on the first launch of Tmall, the first round quickly sold out pre-sale price of 2499 rmb

- Nov 23, 2019-



On August 21st, Tmall spokesperson announced that Huawei’s first smart eyewear, EyeWear, was launched on the first day of the Tmall. The pre-sale price was 2,499 yuan. Now it can pay a deposit of 100 yuan for booking, and the payment will be paid on September 13.



"EyeWear" is Huawei's first wearable smart glasses, jointly created by the trend sunglasses brand Gentle Monster.


The glasses adopt a minimalist design and smooth curve. There is no button, one interface and one extra protrusion. The surface of the temple is smooth, and the appearance looks like ordinary sunglasses. The frame and lens can be replaced. IP67 waterproof is supported. Dust and splash resistant.


The electronic parts are hidden in the temples, including battery, chipset, dual antenna, charging module, speaker, dual microphone, etc. The microphone supports beamforming, ensuring clear call quality even in noisy environments. The half-open design precisely positions and reduces sound leakage, claiming to provide a studio-level stereo experience.


In conjunction with Huawei's EMUI 9.1 and newer versions of Huawei's mobile phones, smart glasses can be turned into smart voice assistants. By simply double-clicking on the temples, you can complete the operation of answering calls, controlling music playback, and waking up voice assistants.


Huawei said that this is the world's first device to support NFC non-contact charging, and designed a charging bag for it, wireless charging after the glasses are placed inside.