Huawei VR glasses on sale today will drive the VR industry?

- Dec 11, 2019-

Today, Huawei VR glasses will be officially launched, and the industry is generally optimistic about Huawei's VR glasses.

It is understood that this VR glasses has a large number of high-quality film sources such as IMAX blockbusters, popular TV series, cartoons, etc. At the same time, it introduces many excellent platform resources including iQiyi, VeeR, GVR, etc. Dedicated theater. " Some analysts said that the glasses are expected to detonate the VR industry.

Huatai Securities pointed out that compared to the previous heavy VR headset products, Huawei VR Glass has been greatly optimized in terms of lightness and thinness. The thickness of the display part is only 26.6mm, and the overall weight is only 166g, equivalent to 30% of Oculus Quest It can achieve a resolution of 3200 * 1600 for both eyes and a PPI of 1058. The built-in Huawei VR video platform contains 30,000 hours of high-definition content, which can bring users an IMAX giant screen movie viewing experience. In addition, Huawei VR Glass also supports 5G network-based live viewing, VR boating, and more than 100 VR games. It is expected to truly realize the externalization of mobile phone display components and enrich the way of human-computer interaction. The VR industry chain mainly recommends GoerTek, Crystal Optoelectronics, BOE A, Liade and so on.