Internet class network office dry eyes? Four coups to ease visual fatigue

- Mar 31, 2020-

The epidemic situation is not over yet. What should I do if the eyes of teachers, students, parents, and office workers are overloaded? Recently, Shantou International Eye Center has received many similar cases. The reporter interviewed Dr. Li Dan for this reason, and learned about the four great tricks to relieve the eye swelling, fatigue, always want to close eyes, and even want to sleep.

During the epidemic, the dry eye clinic of Shantou International Eye Center took full appointments. In the past few days, a number of high school students and college students came to see the doctors. The accompanying parents were anxious for the child. But with a little use, my eyes are dry and tired, sore and uncomfortable. How can I not learn a lot of online course materials? "
Dr. Li Dan said that the eyes continued to work for a large amount of time in a short period of time, and the rest was not good. Excessive use of the eyes could cause visual fatigue and dry eye. Develop the consciousness of loving eyes and protecting eyes, and learn to use eyes reasonably and healthily, you can avoid it.
First of all, keep in mind that eyes need to rest, and blinks are physiological needs. Each blink will brush a layer of tear film on the surface of our eyeballs. Applying tear fluid to the surface of the eye through blinking movement of the eye (blinking) can play a role in lubricating, moisturizing, protecting, antibacterial and nourishing the surface of the eyeball. Therefore, when learning to work with eyes, remember not to stare at the screen and forget to blink.
Secondly, when using electronic products, in addition to maintaining a proper distance, the computer screen must also be adjusted to a suitable height. When a person's eyes are at the same height as the computer screen, the eyeball exposure is about 90%. The more the exposed area of the eyeball, the more tears on the surface of the eyeball evaporate, and the easier the eyes become dry and tired. Adjust the screen angle from the elevation angle to the relative depression angle. The center point of the screen is about 15cm below the eyes. The brightness of the screen should be clear without glare and effort. Can reduce the angle of eye opening, reduce eyeball exposure, and relieve the occurrence of eye fatigue.
In addition, young people should pay attention to the rules of life, avoid staying up late with their eyes, and at the same time add water, a reasonable diet, appropriate exercise. Foods that are good for the eyes, such as walnuts, almonds, scallops, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and milk, chocolate, eggs, beef, peanut butter, etc., should be supplemented in appropriate amounts. During the epidemic, staying at home and doing some housework can also achieve the purpose of resting your eyes.
Dr. Li Dan said that you can also try hot or cold compresses on your eyes. Pay attention that the hot compresses should not exceed 42 ° C, and cold compresses can be 4 ° C. But be careful not to rub your eyes with your hands or wash your own eyes, it is easy to get infections due to uncleanness; you ca n’t buy health-care unknown eye drops. “Human eyes are very fragile. The choice, dosage and concentration of medication must be in the doctor. Use a clear diagnosis and guidance. "
Citizens who have dry eyes, burning sensation, soreness, fatigue, foreign body sensation, tingling sensation, and fear of light and wind should seek medical treatment as early as possible to avoid delays and incurable problems.