Invisible blinding killer

- Mar 16, 2019-

The invisible "blind killer" glaucoma is irreversible for visual impairment. Regular physical examination is difficult to find "latent" early symptoms, and high-risk groups who are prone to "adding green eyes" should do eye examinations.

Very good, suddenly feel a headache, disgusting, and even want to vomit... In this case, many people's first reaction is: Do I have high blood pressure or gastrointestinal disease? In fact, this is also likely to be a precursor to glaucoma.

In 2010, there were 67 million glaucoma patients worldwide, and about 15 million glaucoma patients in China. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of glaucoma patients worldwide will increase to 79.6 million, while the number of glaucoma patients in China will rise to 21.8 million, which will become the world's largest glaucoma patient. country. The global goal is to reduce the detection rate of glaucoma to 20% by 2020. At present, 50% of glaucoma patients in developed countries do not know that they have glaucoma, and in developing countries, 90% of glaucoma patients have no knowledge of their disease, and have never even heard of glaucoma.

What is glaucoma? Simply put, it is that our optic nerve has been damaged. The optic nerve is a connection between our eyeball and the brain. It can transmit these visual signals seen by our eyes and then react to the brain. When the optic nerve is damaged, then this transmission will be affected, then we will also Damage to the visual field may occur, and even in the advanced stage, central vision damage may occur.