Jiangsu anti-control youth myopia opinion

- May 12, 2019-

Jiangsu will fully implement the student sports homework system for weekends and winter and summer vacations. School sports venues should be open to students at the school on weekends and winter vacations to ensure that primary and secondary school students have more than one hour of physical activity per day during school, and participate in moderate-intensity sports activities every week. 3 or more times. Kindergartens must ensure that children have more than 2 hours of outdoor activities per day, and boarding kindergartens must be no less than three hours, of which the physical activity time is not less than one hour. Kindergarten teachers should take the initiative to control the use of television, projection and other equipment when carrying out the work of teaching, no more than one hour per day, other electronic products should not be used. Before the end of each class in primary and secondary schools, the teachers in the classroom should organize students to perform a one-minute "mi" word movement. Teachers should organize and supervise students in an orderly manner to go outdoors or in the distance, no less than 4 times a day, no less than 5 minutes each time. Jiangsu requires that students are prohibited from bringing personal mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products into the classroom, and that they must be kept in the school. Teaching and placement work does not depend on electronic products. The duration of teaching using electronic products does not exceed 30% of the total teaching time in principle. In principle, paperwork is used.