Linhai concentratedly destroyed more than 80,000 problem glasses

- Jan 10, 2020-

After the roller passes over the "problem" glasses, it is sent to the garbage collection center for disposal ... Recently, Duqiao Branch of the Linhai City Market Supervision Bureau concentrated on destroying more than 80,000 pairs of counterfeit and inferior glasses and trademark infringement glasses products.


In 2019, the Bureau stepped up efforts to investigate and punish illegal and illegal eyewear companies, investigated 67 trademark infringement cases in the eyewear industry, and seized nearly 180,000 pairs of counterfeit brand-name glasses, including counterfeit CHANEL, GUCC, Ray-Ban (Ray- Ban) and other brand-name products, as well as products that fail to meet national standards for random inspection. "We hope that through destruction activities, we can effectively deter illegal operators, force companies to innovate independently, improve product quality and brands, and change consumers' perception of Duqiao glasses at home and abroad." Duqiao Branch of Linhai Market Supervision Bureau Director Li Shengxi said.