Looking for a market that sticks to the industry, this is the only opportunity for current entrepreneurs

- Jul 18, 2019-

It seems arbitrary but feasible, low risk, and low cost is worth trying for every entrepreneur.


Currently, we are in the era of Business 2.0. Buyer market, information transparency, zero-distance trading, large-scale products, brand dilution, phenomena-level products, cross-border robbery, piecemeal time products and national time products are all characteristics of this era. Entrepreneurship has become difficult. . To succeed, we must learn to be smaller, protect ourselves, and then become stronger. The most powerful creatures in nature are usually not large creatures such as dinosaurs and elephants, but small creatures such as ants, crickets and flies. The dinosaurs have long since become extinct, and the elephants are only 60 million years old. These small animals have lived on Earth for more than 140 million years and are still alive. Imagine shutting down ants and elephants for a month. Who can survive?


Look for market segments based on the following criteria: demand; high profit; weak or weak competitors; repurchase.


If we are doing glasses, we only need to segment the industry and find that a certain level of subdivision meets the above criteria. We can continue to do this, such as investing venture capital in the factory of the production framework, we can lock the frame material to metal, and then divide it into semi-titanium, IP plating, two-color, commercial model, here we have carried out a five-level subdivision and found The number of competitors in this field has been significantly reduced, basically meeting the criteria of the market segment. Then we will continue to do so. Remember to only make products in this market segment. If you are not involved in other levels of products, you will be successful.