Mini Folding umbrella

- Dec 29, 2017-

 A new mini folding umbrella has been created to solve many problems. This is a palm-sized umbrella which is as light as an apple. It is specially designed for small bags! You can carry your umbrella every day. The smaller and lighter umbrella makes your trip easier and free of pressure. With this umbrella, you can deal with variable weather!

Using special coating, it can better obstruct the ultraviolet ray light that reaches the face of the umbrella, which can provide a very good shade, heat insulation and sun protection. Basal umbrella cloth adopts Satin Modified-Polyester Fibre. The umbrella cloth is highly knitted and tightly woven, which can effectively block ultraviolet radiation. In addition,  in order to make the mini folding umbrella lighter, aluminum alloy frame is adopted, guaranteeing the stability and tenacity. When strong winds blow the umbrella and even turn it over, we can easily recover it by a simple push-pull.

In the face of broken weather, the mini folding umbrella is a good companion for ladies. It makes our lives more elegant and easy to carry such an umbrella with us when commuting, going out on the street or traveling. At the same time, this umbrella is also a good partner for children. It protects children from the scorching sun and heavy rain. Therefore, it is also indispensable in children's life.