- Dec 30, 2017-

Mirrors can be seen in many places, and mirrors are seen in many places in modern society. The mirror is a smooth and reflective material with reflective light. The most common mirror is the flat mirror, which is used by people to arrange their appearance. In science, the mirror is also commonly used in telescope, laser products, industrial equipment and instruments, have regular reflection properties of surface polishing metal components and metallized reflective film glass or metal products, often laced with metal, plastic or wooden frame. It's a very unique mirror. Folding mirror, in particular, this kind of mirror is given priority to with magnifying mirror glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and other materials do the borders, such as engraving, printing, Mosaic technology for decoration, such as lifting, fold for support, formation of breed of design and color is numerous, the mirror of the modern women's most popular series. It's a beautiful mirror. In particular, it is a cosmetic folding mirror, which is a good place to receive and is the most popular among modern women.