Myopia is a modern civilization disease, and the global incidence is rising.

- Jun 06, 2019-

In fact, myopia is a modern civilization. “Not only in China, the incidence of myopia in the world is rising, and it is showing a trend of younger age.” In the past, people often thought that wearing glasses is a symbol of knowledge and culture. Today, “low-headed people” can be seen everywhere, and the number of myopia is increasing. In particular, many children and adolescents joined the "myopia army" early.


Indeed, due to the continuous development of technology and the change of lifestyle, modern people inevitably have to read and read newspapers, and also use various electronic products, especially long-term use of mobile phones. The intensification of people's dependence on mobile phones, combined with inadvertent protection of vision and excessive use of the eyes, are all important factors leading to a significant increase in the incidence of myopia. This situation is particularly acute for children and adolescents.


Myopia not only causes inconvenience to life, but also reduces the quality of the people and becomes a public social problem.


It is understood that due to the increasing number of myopia, in recent years, in the conscription, because of the lack of visual acuity, many people are eliminated, and China’s civil aviation recruitment has only to be downgraded. In the new version of the civil aviation recruitment test, not only the requirements for vision were relaxed, but some people who had undergone myopia surgery were also allowed to apply. All kinds of problems have already shown China's reality as a "myopia".