Nader optics assisted the seventh north American high-level talent entrepreneurship competition

- Jul 10, 2018-

High-level talents entrepreneurship competition in North America is the technology, talent, market, capital docking summit, by the high level talent exchange association (UCAHP), tsinghua entrepreneurs association, such as Europe and the United States institute of homecoming returnees entrepreneurial co-sponsored, is the first series for the overseas Chinese overseas entrepreneurship competition, is the first home for entrepreneurship and development of the high-tech zone of the Chinese market and venture investment summit BBS and talents.

This year the 7th TEEC cup UCAHP north American high-level personnel entrepreneurship competition and intelligent industrial silicon valley BBS (hereinafter referred to as: the seventh annual north American high-level personnel entrepreneurship competition) with "global change intelligence industry" as the theme, focus on intelligent innovation. Day 20 teams in the final at the scene of the competition take turns to introduce their own start-ups, project covers intelligence, big data, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), special automated driving and materials and other industries, mentors, investors, domestic, head of the park and other projects to evaluate the jury, composed of the selected prize, first prize, two second prize three.

Nad optics, a high-tech enterprise from shenzhen, China's scientific and technological innovation city, has cooperated closely with the competition authorities and provided strong support as the brand sponsor partner of the competition. According to understand, founded in 2015, Leonard optics, is a China focused on information display and visual imaging optics of high-tech enterprises, the current GOOVIS mobile 3 d cinema star is the company's flagship project.

As the competition of brand sponsorship partners, nader optical exhibit at the scene of the series set up GOOVIS mobile 3 d theater experience, caused the experts attending the meeting, the team, the media and the attention of guests, become the scene of the meeting "star product". At the scene of the competition, China's deputy consul general of San Francisco Deng Fanhua and Dr Leonard optical, founder and CEO Peng Huajun spoke, and wearing nader optical production GOOVIS mobile intelligent glasses 3 d cinema experience was carried out. GOOVIS also attracted many people to stop the scene experience, after a lot of professional audience experience GOOVIS, give a high evaluation to its, is its clarity and can be independent approving wonder and regulation of vision function accurately.

According to nader optical field staff, GOOVIS is a smart video glasses for the market and a veritable private mobile 3D theater. GOOVIS USES a SONY microdisplay and PPI(pixel count per inch) of 3147 with a resolution of 1920*1080*2, equivalent to 800 inches of screen 20 meters away. Although the products and a variety of top science and technology at a suit, but GOOVIS is not heavy, body weight is less than 200 g, is the present domestic the most light in weight and high-definition 3 d glasses intelligent mobile cinema star products.