Nine ways to quickly relieve eye strain!

- May 29, 2019-

Office workers work nine nights a week, eyes are sore, bloated, dry, blurred vision... electric eye charm is no longer. Sedentary injuries are not only the spine, but the health score of the eyes is also passing. Frequently looking at the computer can cause eye strain.


The easiest and most effective way to prevent eye strain is to make sure your eyes are off the screen and your eyes are rested. Because different types of muscles control different areas of the eye, you don't have to close your eyes to rest, you just have to change your line of sight. If you look at the screen for too long, look up and look up. Look out the window for a while, stand up and walk around the house or go for a walk. Proper vision is very beneficial. Looking at something farther than your screen will help your eyes relax.


Nine ways to quickly relieve eye strain


If you have symptoms of eye discomfort, here are some quick ways to relieve:


(1) blinking eyes

Blinking is important because it provides moisture to the eyes to prevent itchy or dry eyes.


(2) Adjusting indoor light

Make sure to use the computer in a well-lit room. Comfortable light is necessary to prevent eye strain and also helps decompression.


(3) Adjust computer brightness and contrast

Go to the computer display settings and make the necessary adjustments.


(4) I have to rest myself.

Don't stare at the computer for a long time, don't sit still for hours.


(5) Mobile display

If your computer screen is confined to a small space, try moving the monitor to an area where your eyes are away from the monitor.


(6) Elimination of glare

Glare from computer screens, walls, windows or any reflective surface can cause eye strain. If possible, install an anti-glare screen on the display to cover the back light source as much as possible. If you are not ready, you should pull down the blinds or curtains to minimize the glare caused by outdoor sunlight.


(7) Doing eye exercises

Simple eye exercises can prevent or reduce eye strain.


(8) Splash some water on your eyes

If you feel a burning sensation in your eyes, then splash a little cold water on your bathroom. The water slowly dried before returning to the office.


(9) Facial massage

Wipe some warm water on a towel or paper towel, gently wipe your face, forehead and neck, then massage slowly.