Not so simple, dry eyes are not a small problem

- Jul 22, 2019-

People who use electronic products often feel that dry eyes are a common phenomenon, and usually pay attention to rest to recover. However, if you feel dry, itchy, painful, or foreign body feelings for a long time, you should be alert to dry eye syndrome! 


What is dry eye?


Dry eye is a type of disease that causes tearing of the tears and ocular surface damage due to abnormal amounts, qualitative or hydrodynamic conditions of the tears, resulting in eye discomfort and visual dysfunction.


Its essence is that the quality of tears in the eyes has a problem, tears will form a tear film, and the tear film has a three-layer structure, from the outside to the inside is the lipid layer, the water layer, the mucus layer, which three tear film Problems with the layers can lead to dry eye syndrome. The most common problem is that the lipid layer (oil) is a problem. It is like when we eat the shabu-shabu, the water in the red oil pot is always opened faster, and the evaporation is less than the clear soup pot.


People with dry eye usually feel that their eyes are dry, itchy, painful, their eyes are prone to fatigue, sensitive to light, and they may feel foreign objects in their eyes, obscure things, photophobia, easy tears, etc.


How to do?


1, consciously blinking


Under normal circumstances, we blink 15 to 20 times per minute. However, when using high-intensity eyes and high concentration, especially when using electronic products such as computer phones, we often unconsciously forget to blink. A decrease in the frequency of blinking can cause the quality and quantity of the tears to be affected, causing dry eyes.


2, develop a good eye habit


Avoid using electronic products such as computers and mobile phones for a long time, and rest for 10-15 minutes every 40-50 minutes. At the same time, it is expected that dry air can be easily caused by blowing air conditioners for a long time in places where air is not circulating and dust is high.


3, increase air humidity


You can use a humidifier in your office or at home to increase the humidity of the air while avoiding the air vents of the air conditioner and fan. Do not blow your eyes.


4, although beautiful, etc., but will increase the symptoms of dry eyes, it is recommended to wear less.


5, eyeliner mascara and other eye makeup products may also cause dry eyes and even inflammation, it is recommended to reduce the use of eye cosmetics.


Need to pay attention to, mild dry eye can be alleviated by improving living habits, but if it is moderate to severe dry eye, it is recommended to seek treatment from a professional doctor.