OMEGA and Marcolin Group Collaborate to Launch Luxury Eyewear Collections

- Oct 08, 2019-

Longarone (Belluno), October 8, 2019 - Following the launch of the first sunglasses collection in 2016, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Omega is proud to announce the next exciting men's and women's sunglasses and Optical glasses series.


Every detail in the eyewear collection is inspired by Omega's highly regarded collection of traditional and luxury watches. Whether it's the material used in the frame or the identifiable features inspired by the crown and bezel, Omega brand supporters can reflect the harmonious blend between sunglasses and watches.


Massimo Renon, CEO of Marcolin Group, affirmed: “The Omega glasses series made by Marcolin Group are made in Italy, using the highest quality materials, and the attention to detail pays attention to the uniqueness of the brand. Its pioneering spirit, years of extensive expertise in the fields of luxury, precision and innovation, further enhances the Marcolin Group's brand portfolio to achieve a refined level of excellence."


With the success of the branded eyewear collection, Omega has expanded its distribution to independent retailers, as well as its boutiques and online stores. The new eyewear collection will be expanded through the Marcolin Group's distribution network.


For customers, this means that it will be easier to purchase this new collection from November 2019 when it is available at designated optical retail stores, department stores and brand boutiques around the world.