OPTI international optical glasses exhibition in Munich

- Jul 30, 2018-

OPTI international optical glasses exhibition in Munich, Germany is a leading international exposition in optical glasses and design industry. It is one of the three largest glasses fairs in Europe. Set in January every year, OPTI is the first industry event to launch technology exchange and business negotiation in the industry. Every year, a large number of exhibitors and a large number of professional audiences will be attracted to Munich. In OPTI2017, 557 exhibitors from 35 countries will attend the exhibition, and 27,500 visitors will be attracted to visit the exhibition. OPTI will open its new pavilion for the first time in 2018, with China (mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan), South Korea, Japan, France and the us appearing as a national exhibition group for the first time and providing 500 square metres of exhibition space for Chinese companies. Exhibits include: Glasses frame, optical shop equipment, safety glasses/goggles, samples show the product facilities, sunglasses, cleaning and maintenance equipment, lenses, quality control, contact lenses/flexible optical lenses, refraction, prevent sun glasses and glasses, glasses cleaning cloth, laser vision correction technology, amblyopia and visual auxiliary equipment, polishing equipment and technology, binoculars, night vision equipment/microscope/tripod, eye tester and plate, children and infants glasses, software/inventory control system, flexible solution focal length lens group and accessories, Glasses box, hearing AIDS/hearing equipment, industry publications/professional literature, optometry and ophthalmic instruments, education and training, glasses chain.http://www.gift-package.com/