Plastic bags should pay attention to what the problem

- Aug 07, 2017-

Plastic bags are usually divided into two kinds, one is printed on the plastic bag supermarket logo, there are some contact and other advertising; the other is a simple plastic bags, and consequently did not print. These two kinds of plastic bags used in the first supermarket or shopping malls, the second is usually in some small shops, perhaps the canteen, vegetable market use. Supermarkets use plastic bags, usually need to be printed on the plastic bag, then the plastic bags need to pay attention to what time to print it?

First of all, to the plastic bag printing manufacturers to choose, this trust does not have to do too much to introduce small bar, a planning and strength are relatively large plastic bag manufacturers, to provide customers with very good products, their products in security As well as the degree of environmental protection are small manufacturers can not compare.

Second, the choice of plastic bags to print information, which is very important, due to the production of plastic bags in the guess, there is a polypropylene material, this information is a toxic and harmful high pollution information, this information if the use of It is a very risky job to print a custom plastic bag.

Finally, the plastic bag printing scale to control questions, the question that big, that small is not small, in the custom plastic bags, be sure to look at the plastic bag scale, and then according to this scale for plastic bags, So do a good job of plastic bags to meet customer needs.