Plastic glasses box manufacturers remind everyone with the glasses of precautions

- Mar 08, 2018-

We can not just use the traditional optometry method, a simple refraction inspection glasses thing, should adopt the scientific and advanced American standard medical optometry and three-level visual function test to detect the real cause of the problem. In American standard medical optometry, including degrees (refractive) and visual function and fundus examination, and each subdivided into twenty-one steps. Eye to achieve visual comfort, clarity and long-lasting, in addition to have good eyesight, the visual function is normal or not is an important factor; "set" as one of the important visual functions, abnormal appearance will cause visual fatigue and vision loss.

With Glasses process, often appear such a situation, with the same pair of glasses look far and away clear and comfortable, but when watching recent eyes swollen, inattention or reading and writing can not be sustained. In line with the national standard with the glasses under the premise of this situation shows the existence of defects as visual function, this time is obviously not enough degree of light detection, to do binocular visual function tests to develop the appropriate visual training programs.

    After the first mirror to do to enhance the regulatory function of the promotion and reverse shooting training, adjust the function to improve after do set training, nib training and Brock line training. Two weeks later, the student vanished to see the near discomfort, and the annealing furnace could easily and lastingly learn. Later with a combination of lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, six months after the review of good results.

In short, only ensuring normal visual function allows us to have a clear, comfortable and lasting visual experience. Modern theory of optics completely subvert the traditional glasses is the measurement of the concept of backwardness, stressing the symptoms and treatment, the technical requirements of optometrists high!