The real function of eyeglasses cloth and the correct way to clean eyeglasses

- Jan 07, 2019-

Most of the glasses cloth material on the market is not delicate enough, after repeated use, the cloth is easy to have dust and foreign bodies, at the same time, there are many small dust particles on the lens, glasses do not wash directly with the cloth dry wipe, is equivalent to the use of small particles friction lens.It is like rubbing sandpaper on the lens. After a long time, the lens will be damaged naturally.The real function of the eyeglasses cloth is to wrap the glasses, so that it can be placed inside the eyeglasses box, which can reduce the friction between the lens and the box.

And what's the right way to clean your glasses?

1. Firstly, put a little detergent on the lens and gently rotate it with your finger on the lens

2, then put the lens under the faucet, with water flush, water flow is not too big

3, after cleaning, with a soft tissue in the same direction on the lens of water absorption, do not rub back and forth

4. Finally, put the glasses in a ventilated place to dry, and the cleaning of the glasses will be completed