Protect children's eyesight, all 10 methods are done!

- Sep 05, 2019-

First, the light must be sufficient: the light should be sufficient and comfortable, the light is too weak, and the closer the font is, the closer it will be.

Second, the reflection should be avoided: there should be lighting devices at the desk, the purpose of which is to reduce the reflection to reduce the damage to the eyes.

Third, the reading time should not be too long: no matter whether you do your homework or watch TV, the time should not be too long. It is better to take a break every 30 minutes.

Four sitting postures should be correct: Do not bend over and hunchback. The closer you are or the more you do your homework, the more likely the ciliary muscles are over-stressed, which in turn causes myopia.

Fifth, the reading distance should be moderate: the distance between the book and the eye should be 30 centimeters, and the height of the table and chair should also be compatible with the physique.

Sixth, watch TV distance is not too close: watch TV should be kept six to eight times the diagonal of the TV screen, every 30 minutes must rest for a while.

Seven, sleep can not be too small, regular work and rest: lack of sleep, the body is prone to fatigue, easy to cause false myopia.

Eight, do more outdoor sports: often look far away to relax the eye muscles, prevent myopia, more contact with nature, green hills and green fields, good for the health of the eyes.

Nine, nutrient intake should be balanced: not partial eclipse, should pay special attention to the intake of vitamin B (germ rice, oatmeal yeast).

X. Regular eyesight: Anyone with abnormal vision should go to a qualified optical shop for further inspection.