Reasons for the high price of glasses

- Jun 05, 2019-

Different optical shops are available in different cities, and many times, if you wear glasses, you must choose to go to the optical shop, but people who wear glasses should know that the price is expensive, so the glasses The reason why the price is at a high level, everyone should know about it. 

The retail price of lenses "optical optometry, measurement number, frame try-on, etc., every time there is no 500 yuan for glasses, it is not coming down. It is easy to spend thousands of dollars with glasses of almost the same brand." Yang Lei, who has been wearing glasses for 10 years, said. According to reports, she started wearing glasses from high school, basically re-matching a new mirror every year. Because she doesn’t know the quality and brand of glasses, she doesn’t know how to bargain. Therefore, the clerk recommends her to her. buy what. Yang Lei’s experience is not a case. 

According to public information, the current total population of myopia in China has reached more than 600 million, accounting for almost half of the total population, and this figure is still rising year by year. In addition, the rate of myopia among young people in China is among the highest in the world. Such a huge demand has attracted attention for various vision correction products, myopia products and eye care products, and has also spawned a huge market for optometry. In addition to wearing glasses, there are products on the market that reduce the number of degrees and restore vision through instrumental therapy, Chinese medicine meridian massage, natural therapy, diet therapy, and phototherapy.

Due to the special nature of the semi-worker and semi-medical workers in the glasses industry, coupled with the serious asymmetry of information, the industry transparency is not high, and the glasses market is mixed. Wang Lijun, who has been engaged in glasses business for many years, said: "The ex-factory price of spectacle lenses is generally very low." The average lens factory price is less than 10 yuan, and the price of domestic resin lenses is generally less than 20 yuan, even the wholesale price of imported resin lenses. It is only between $30 and $80, but it is sold for $300 to $800 in retail. Once the goods enter the store, the value will increase by several times, the retail price will increase by 10 times or even 20 times, and the price of the specialty store will be higher. In Wang Lijun's view, because consumers lack some basic technical knowledge in the process of consumption, and the entire glasses consumption process is highly opaque to consumers, the information is seriously asymmetrical, and the seller is in a strong position, which is precisely given Some small fitting stores provide space for non-standard operations. Therefore, the rights and interests of consumers are not guaranteed. Another reason for the high price of glasses is that the material cost of a lens may not be high, but the equipment and technology for making lenses are valuable. In order to seize the market, large-scale fitting and fitting stores do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to purchase various fitting equipment. The frame has plates, TR90, new plastic steel materials, etc. The raw materials of these materials are not cheap. In addition, there are metal materials. Although the price of the alloy frame is not high, the manufacturing process of the good frame is very demanding, and some special processes such as electroplating and diamond trimming are required, which naturally increases the glasses in the hands of the customers. price.