Some problems to be paid attention to when using an umbrella

- May 02, 2018-

Umbrellas, as essential commodities in our life, are frequently used. In order to extend the life of umbrellas as long as possible, we need to know some points for attention in using umbrellas.

1, the umbrella cloth is dyed with acid, and the newly bought umbrella must not be placed for a long time. If you do not hang your umbrella on the wall with alkaline lime, you can prevent the umbrella from crisp. When umbrella is not used, it is best to put it in the umbrella cover to prevent dust sticking.

2, the umbrella do not fold up with water, should open the umbrella, use the soft cloth to wipe the inside and outside umbrella, umbrella, hang in the ventilation, and then close the umbrella, good.

3, before you open your umbrella, you should shake the umbrella surface, straighten the umbrella bone, and then slowly extend it to prevent the fracture of the umbrella bone. For ordinary umbrellas, try to avoid using them in strong wind so as not to break the umbrella bone.

4, do not use umbrella to pick things, do not use umbrella as a walking stick (except crutch umbrella), do not let umbrella close to high temperature, can prevent umbrella deformation. The umbrella of cloth should prevent ash and spatter from splashing on, so as not to burn the umbrella surface. Plastic umbrellas should be prevented from exposure to sunlight so as to prevent the aging of umbrellas.