Some suggestions on selecting solar umbrella

- Oct 31, 2017-

For female friends, now with anti ultraviolet function of sun umbrella is very popular products. However, in the selection of the product, consumers also need to master its characteristics, so as to choose a good appearance from the quality of the umbrella.

So, how to choose specifically? First of all, we can view from its appearance. At present, in the design of its appearance, not only the color is very rich, and the sun umbrella graphics are more and more diverse.

In fact, some friends think that when choosing, the color depth will affect its ability to resist ultraviolet radiation. According to the test, in fact, the depth of color will not affect the sun umbrella resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

sun umbrella  .jpg

sun umbrella

Secondly, we should choose from the umbrella situation. At present, the umbrella surface of the sun umbrella mainly includes two types, one is shiny, the other is matte. In comparison, the former is more popular with consumers in the market. The production process of the latter is more complex, and the price is more expensive, giving a kind of implicit and sedate impression. Finally, we should also pay special attention to the comparison of the sun umbrella .

In fact, from the cost of making the whole umbrella to consider it, the proportion of the cost of larger, but also play the role is also very important. At present, there are straight bars and seventy percent off types.