Specific Types and Uses of Bedding Storage Bags

- Sep 16, 2017-

【Summary】Bedding can also be storage in bags, so we can call this kind of bag as bedding storage bag. It is common in our daily life. Therefore, we might learn more to get a comprehensive understanding about it. In this way, we can also get benefits.

1. What are main objects that can be storaged in household bedding bag?

For quilt, can we use vacuum bag?

Bedding storage bags are often used to storage quilts and pillows because they are main bedding. For quilt, we can use vacuum bag to storage it. There are 2 main advantages. First, it can help us save space. Second, it can enable quilts to avoid became damp. Therefore, we get this conculsion.

2. Do bedding storage bags include vacuum bags?

Yes. Currently speaking, bedding storage bags include vacuum bags and this kind of bag is commonly used. When the air is drawn out of the bag, the air in the quilt is removed, so the quilt becomes smaller. The quilt compresses and it takes up less space, which makes it easier to be storaged. 

3. What is the commonly-used unit of household bedding bag? If storage bags are not available, what can be used instead?

home quilt storage bag  .jpg

Cotton Material Quilt/blanket Storage Bag

The commonly-used unit of bedding storage bag is cmm. 1cmm is 0.01mm. Therefore, 7cmm is 0.07mm. In addition, if we don’t have storage bags, we can use big plastic bags and vacuum cleaner. They can also function as storage bags.

All the above-mentioned questions are about bedding storage bags. We provide detailed answers to help us get a correct and sound understanding of bedding storage bags. At the same time, we can also learn more professional knowledge and how to use this kind of bag to achieve a good effect.

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