Square or round? Choose glasses based on your face and see which one is right for you?

- Mar 29, 2019-

I don't know if you have found that there are more and more children wearing glasses, and many of them are caused by my eyes that are not standardized for a long time. However, in this face value is the generation, choose a good-looking myopia mirror is also very important for students, some girls buy glasses for the beauty of the Internet, in fact, where to choose does not matter, mainly based on their own face to choose Makes you look better.

Round face, many people say that the round face can not be rounded glasses, the line of the face will be more rounded, it sounds right, but this is not absolute, a typical round face like Zhao Liying, bring this A kind of round-rimmed glasses made her look more lovely. Of course, it is also very friendly to small faces, and it is easy to control the round glasses. However, many of the real life are round and large face shapes, and the square glasses with a certain angular shape can complement the round face. Of course not the better. The circle in the square will be softer and it will make your face look extraordinarily large.

Square face and pear-shaped face, most of the round neck is not suitable for round-frame glasses. Of course, you can't choose square glasses for the width of the lower jaw. It is best to choose glasses with softer and rounder lines. The effect of achieving thin face should be preferred. Big-frame glasses, first of all, the frame is bigger than the face to make it look smaller, so as to modify the lower jaw.