Stationery wholesale market also have unspoken rules?

- Aug 07, 2017-

In the stationery wholesale market purchase, first of all do not take a long time in the wholesale store slowly check your getting goods products. When you get the goods, as long as the number of points can be clear, and simply look at the packaging can be, usually go back to find the product has a problem and then ask for replacement, the stationery wholesalers are allowed, because we are all businessmen, Product quality problems, of course, if you are too long from the time to purchase it. If you pick up after the squatting in the wholesale shop inside carefully look at the goods, will let the wholesalers think you are a very troublesome customers, and therefore do not want to deal with you long-term, because the wholesale shop, the time is the cost, every day A few hours, some wholesalers these hours as war as urgent, if consumed in your body for too long, people do not have to do business.


Furthermore, do not expect to reduce the risk through stationery wholesalers. When you purchase, do not ask the wholesaler if the product is not easy to sell can not be replaced by good selling goods such problems, if you ask, will be wholesalers that you have not done business, is the business field Novice, if the risk of doing business can be controlled to this point, who may have a fortune. The wholesaler is not obliged to bear the risk of entering the wrong goods, and he can do it only for the replacement period.

Finally, we should realize that the price adjustment in the stationery wholesale market is very small. Stationery wholesalers each stationery single product profit is very low, the reduction of stationery prices can not be the same as retailers, the general adjustment are 2% to 3%, can drop 5% has been very powerful, and stationery wholesalers do not May be at the wholesale price to give you a 8 fold and the like.


There is a phenomenon, a lot of new stationery shop owner to get goods, will be on the office stationery wholesale business express or suggest that although now only take a little bit, but after a good trial, will be large quantities of goods, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, because businesses are Like big customers, so businesses are mostly quoted price. If the amount of real customers, the business will give you adjust the price, Bi Jing wholesale businessmen want to do long-term cooperation customers.

On the other hand, in the stationery wholesale market, the general cargo transport is through the car or rail, because the transportation costs much lower than the courier, and are the buyer responsible for their own, run into a good wholesaler, he is willing to Help you to pick the lowest price of the shipping company, but the freight of the goods must be paid by the buyer themselves.