Structure and function of reverse rain umbrella

- Jan 22, 2018-

The reverse rain umbrella with double umbrella cloth, both inside and outside the paste made of umbrella, umbrella cloth head and tail can slide on the umbrella shaft; umbrella axis using aviation grade aluminum material, the spokes are fiberglass material, making the rain drops In the above can be an instant fall, will not deposit dust.


After the experience, the reverse rain umbrella because the umbrella with hydrophobic coating itself will not cause raindrops stay, and when the umbrella collapsed, the outside into the interior, the umbrella closed when the rain will be directly trapped inside the umbrella, not Out of the umbrella, so you can stay dry.


And it can be done in the smallest space to open and close, reduce the degree of wet body; As the reverse umbrella opening up, so do not specifically raise the stamp can be avoided around people in order to open and close in the crowd; In addition, As the reverse umbrella with dual spokes, even if the wind blowing do not have to worry about, located in the umbrella handle button can restore it to the initial shape of the umbrella to open.


At the same time, in order to increase its ruggedness, umbrella umbrella umbrella bone structure is also designed as a special lotus-style, so that additional wind-resistance plus; its umbrella pole is a rare hexagonal, and the use of electric iron as Material, so very durable.