Studies have shown that sunlight or beneficial ingredients that protect vision

- Jun 07, 2019-

How can we protect the visual health of children and adolescents and curb the high incidence of myopia? Experts stressed that the first step is to prevent it.


For preventive measures, it has been widely believed in the past that in addition to genetic factors, myopia is mainly caused by long-term close-up viewing, but recent research has found that lack of sunshine is also prone to myopia.


A survey by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom showed that children who spend more than one hour outdoors outdoors have a 2% lower risk of myopia.


There are also many studies that prove that outdoor activities are independent protective factors for myopia, because there are some substances in the sun that may be related to eyeball development and inhibition of myopia.


Therefore, it is recommended that children and adolescents have more effective outdoor activities. This requires kindergartens and schools to actively cooperate to ensure that children and young people have enough outdoor activities during the day, and it is best to guarantee an average of two hours a day.