Take off your ’little glasses’ and start from outdoor activities

- Apr 06, 2019-

Students just come to school a month, many students found that the side of a group of students wearing glasses, some students lenses and thickened.

"Small glasses" everywhere, the data come more "heart".According to statistics, the rate of myopia among Chinese teenagers ranks first in the world, and the number of myopia patients among primary and middle school students exceeds 100 million.More than a decade ago, the first peak of myopia among teenagers was in junior high school. Now, it has reached the third and fourth grade of primary school.Behind this is a series of secondary negative effects.For example, in 2012, China's social and economic costs caused by various kinds of vision defects reached more than 680 billion yuan, accounting for 1.3% of the GDP of that year.The Numbers are truly shocking, but they also make us more and more aware that how to protect the "future light" has become an urgent social problem to be solved.

Why are there so many mirrors on campus?At the end of the day, apart from a few genetic factors, it's more the children's eyes that are suffering from "unbearable weight".In fact, the "emphasis on intellectual education, light sports" thinking is still common, interest classes, cram school filled the children's after-school time.In addition, today's children are the "aborigines" of the Internet, and they become the "phubbers" at an early age.Data shows that more than 60 percent of children from the age of 4 began to be exposed to electronic products, the time of the day in about 2 hours, this is obviously young people's short-sightedness generalized another "accomplice".

Removing the glasses is a systematic project, but as doctors say, "physical exercise is currently the most cost-effective way to prevent and control myopia."Other things aside, we might as well attack this point first.Can parents and teachers ensure that their children are active for an hour a day when they are worried about their failing eyesight?If always a mention of myopia on a sigh, hands a stall, a mention of outdoor activities and afraid to delay homework, knock touch, that prevent myopia problems may never be solved.In many countries, there are compulsory measures to protect children's eyesight.For example, Australian children spend three to four hours a day outdoors, while German schools regularly organize students to climb mountains and watch the horizon.Despite these modest measures, the rates of myopia in these two countries are only 1.3 percent and 15 percent.Play, it turns out, has a profound effect on children, at least in terms of helping them take a break from their schoolwork and electronic overload and maintain their "Windows to the soul."

These days, everything from aerospace to precision manufacturing to enlisting in the military has a strict vision requirement.Blindly encourage, at the expense of vision health, in the end, the children seem to complete the study of the "false start" "lead", but actually lost the future development of more possibilities."Whet a knife not mistakenly cut firewood work", might as well from let the child activity 1 hour every day start, leave them a pair of bright, healthy eyes, also leave them a brighter future.