The advantages of eyeglasses bag and compared with eyeglasses case

- Sep 09, 2017-

[Description] Eyeglasses bag, although we see it in our daily life, we know little related knowledge about it. Now let’s learn more about the knowledge.

1.    What are the advantages of eyeglasses bag, and what eyeglasses does it suitable for?
Normally speaking, the application of the eyeglasses bag can apply to reading glasses, presbyopic glasses, and sunglasses etc. Moreover, it has comfortable feel if its surface fabric is made by velvet. Anymore, there would be a drawstring on top of the eyeglasses to let it easily open and close, so that the glasses won’t slide out from the pocket, which plays a protection role of this section.
Advantages of eyeglasses bag:
1: The Inside material is soft and smooth, it won’t damage the glasses.
2: It is light, handy, and portable.
3: If the material is micro-fiber, if it’s wet, you won’t leave a water mark after cleaning.
4: It won’t drop feather and rot, thus it has a long service life.
2.    What’s the function of it when eyeglasses bag was made in M edge? And what does it mean when it has an ‘AS Poly’ sign in the bag?
Normally speaking, it’s in order to prevent the glasses from scratching when the bag was made in ‘M’ edge. Regarding the ‘AS Poly’ sign, it means the material of the bag is made from polyethylene.

microfiber glasses bag(1).jpg

microfiber glasses bag

3.    Which is better for eyeglasses, by eyeglasses bag and case?
Regularly it has two ways to put eyeglasses, by eyeglasses bag and case. You can choose either of it if you like. Somehow, the eyeglasses case is hard, which give it a multi-protective effect. While the eyeglasses bag’s main function is protecting the glasses from scratching.

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