The application of printed leather fabric in bag products

- Jan 04, 2018-

In recent years , the grade of popular bag products in the market has been continuously improved , besides the natural leather material, the use of digital print on leather is increasing more and more. Compared with natural leather, custom leather printing has the advantages of bright color, vivid, high water washing, uv protection and non-toxic environmental protection.

digital print on leather.png

With the wide application of pvc leather printing in the market, digital printing leather products have been paid more and more attention to and loved by more and more people.
Our company has followed the trend of the market, designed and produced leather products and bag products with art, elegance, lively pattern, which has been well received and recognized by consumers.
In simple terms, Custom design digital printing on leather is to transfer the information of the pattern to be printed into the computer through digital form , through the computer printing analysis scanning system programming process, then the computer controlled ink jet nozzle on the digital printing machine directly sprays the special dye onto the leather to form the desired pattern . Digital printing is a major breakthrough in traditional printing technology. The following is our company's digital printing leather bag products, customers are full of praise.

digital print on leather.png

Wuxi Blue Feather adopts Japan advanced high - end leather printing machine , ink adhesion is strong , scratch resistance does not fall off , anti - rubbing and not decolorizing . Compatible with soft and hard leather , genuine leather fake leather , wide application range . Ultra fast printing speed, printing more than 25 yards per hour. Can print more than 2000 yards per day, manual guards, ensure timely delivery. Use environmental ink, non - toxic environmental protection. Printable materials include: PVC leather, artificial leather, PU leather, canvas, Oxford cloth, etc.
Print textures include: cross texture, painting texture, canvas, flat texture, mouse texture, litchi texture, R61 and, R64 texture etc.