The benefits of the PU leather cosmetic bag

- Jun 13, 2019-

PU leather cosmetic bag to maintain good, quite durable, long service life.


The PU PU, PU leather is polyurethane composition of epidermis. PU is English ploy urethane, chemical name in Chinese polyurethane and its quality is good and bad, a lot of big shop sign of imported PU leather bags; With PU leather is generally the opposite is the second floor of the cowhide leather, the surface coated with a layer of PU resin, so also known as the paster cowhide. The price is cheap, high utilization rate. It along with the change of technology has also made various grades of varieties, such as import layer cowhide, because of unique technology, stable quality, innovative varieties, for the current high-grade leather, price and grade as the first layer leather. Based on environmental protection, the PU leather both leather texture, and very sturdy. In foreign countries, because of the influence of the animal protection association, together with the development of technology, performance and application of the PU leather has been more than the natural leather.


PU leather cosmetic bag is lighter, can waterproof, water absorption after expansion and deformation, environmental protection, the smell is light, easy to do, the price is cheap, can suppress the surface more tricks.