The characteristics of the folding umbrella

- Dec 27, 2017-

In 1928, a German engineer Hans Haupt invented the world's first a folding umbrella, folding umbrella then gradually into the life of people, and is now one of the most popular with women's item.

Folding umbrella is not only easy to carry, small size, light weight, the colourful, very beautiful, and, with the increase of umbrella industrial technology, basic of folding umbrella umbrella surface is now quick dry sunscreen fabrics, feels thicker than the ordinary umbrella close toughening, and attain the effect of the rain and the sun, the umbrella inside black plastic technology layer, blocking ultraviolet (UVA) shading insulation, hot summer day, the cool under the umbrella to 10.9 ° C.

kids umbrella.jpg

Light weight (there were only 370 g, umbrellas are less than a 1 small bottle of the farmer mountain spring). Put that in your bag is very small after, hang on your wrist is not take a place, convenient to carry. Umbrella is aluminum alloy + glass fiber material (a kind of modern new material, light and strong). Umbrella, without button at the top, need not hand go back, to handle button can close close, use convenient, security is not hand. When impinges on the umbrella, condensed water automatically, a shake falls. Umbrella pole used in the whole aluminum rods, an umbrella rod has ten edges more is not easy to broken edges (pipe), middle part and a reinforcement ring, more strong and durable.

Spring hidden in the bar, it is not easy to bad. Don't fall off easily; Lateral wind again big, the umbrella is not quickly broken.