The design factors of Ladies’ glasses case

- Sep 29, 2017-

When designing the women's glasses case, we need to hold a few key points, the first point is the size, as we all know, in fact, the main function of ladies’ glasses case is to place glasses. Therefore, when designing, it must be reasonable to arrange its size. This is mainly to ensure that the glasses case can be effectively avoided shaking while they are placed.
If the size design is not reasonable, then the women's glasses box will be affected in actual use. The second key point is surface roughness, If it is made of plastic material, the surface should designed to be more smooth, so that it can be cleaned at ordinary times. The third point to consider is the wall thickness of glasses case.

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floral sunglasses case

Generally, when designing the ladies’ case, the wall thickness of glasses box should be controlled at about 2mm, at the same time, make sure the wall thickness is uniform. The fourth point is the stiffness structure. Usually, the base of the glasses box is not a plane, but is similar to an arched shape, in this way, it is mainly to guaranteed stiffness size and reduce deformation as much as possible.
Of course, when designing its structure, the side wall of the women's glasses can actually be considered as a waveform stairway, which can further reduce the probability of deformation. The fifth point is that when designing, make sure to set aside a reasonable off-ramp to ensure that the moulded parts are intact.
In fact, in addition to these factors, there are some other requirements that need to be considered. In conclusion, in the design work, we need to consider various requirements to ensure that the women's glasses boxes designed and produced can meet the user's requirements.

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